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This is a Dutch educational channel about recreational drug usage. Every Friday they do a new drug, suggested by people in the comment section.


mai waifu


I am related to her several times removed.




Aug '15


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Finalists in the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards






A quick short film about how different people in LA approach breakfast, from the woman who nibbles to the professional bodybuilder who eats 30 egg whites and a cup of grits on his off day.


Kurzgesagt shares a speculative bit of physics called vacuum decay that could very efficiently erase the entire Universe.


Stranger Things x Childish Gambino


At a recent concert in Chicago, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong noticed a kid in the audience holding a sign saying “I can play every song on Dookie” and pulled him up on stage to prove it. Aside from a slightly slow tempo, he did pretty well on When I Come Around.


NASA has uploaded a beautiful and relaxing 18-minute fly-through video of the International Space Station filmed in ultra high-definition 4K resolution. They used to a fisheye lens to film it, which means you get plenty of detail and depth of field.

Play of the Game (Westworld Spoiler)


I didn’t watch the video, but I like how that spoiler setup works.