Fall 2015 Anime | That One-Punch Man, he's so OP


Typically no, honestly. But there’s a lot of fun shows for which I’ll put up with it, like Food Wars. And I like to keep my eyes on what Kyoani is up to.

But then again it’s not like I don’t enjoy gratuitous T&A on a purely carnal level, but I try to be above it.


looks at image of Japanese girl in article

Berserk got weird.

If they make this another movie, they will further fuck up Berserk. Is it too much to ask for a full series, spanning the entirety of the manga material? If Hunter X Hunter did it, so could Berserk.


Word on the street is the new berserk is gonna be all cgi




60fps Boros fight






This is like that motion smoothing crap on modern TVs that idiots like.


Can’t say I’m a big fan. Motion interpolating is not nice.



Gundam Wing was the shit.





watching Hyouge Mono again… last time i didn’t make it past the first arc, and now that i’m watching it again i’m really enjoying the characters and story again, this mixture of art, politics, and culture is really fascinating



what the hell


Do you guys just want to have one anime thread from now on? I haven’t been following anime for months, and I’m too lazy to make a fancy OP for the new season.


yeah sure


They might want to check on that titty physics engine there

Maybe get the pros at Dead or Alive in for some consulting.


Yeah, we should just have one general anime thread. No need for seasonal, imo


Speaking of titties, I gotta give Cavalry another shot. First ep was a good start.