Mad Max: Fury Road


No one has any opinion on the game?



So, sounds like this turned out rather well then.


99% rottentomatoes.

my god


But that 1% tho. Those are the interesting critics.


No m8 it’s the Mirror. A shitty UK tabloid.



Fucking knew this would be MOTY 2015.


Upon rewatch, my favourite character after Furiosa was Abbey Lee’s The Dag.


Her character had some comedic value, which I appreciated in this fucking insane movie.
‘I thought you weren’t crazy anymore?’ I laughed.



Next one will be called Mad Max : The Wasteland.


This was really quite good.


Jesus fucking christ

You’d have just guessed that was all CG.


Yes, all of that shit was real. It makes rewatching the film so much fun. No CGI here.


There is but it’s comparatively minimal. There’s shit loads of compositing work which does come off as obvious at times but the overall effect is worth it. All that shit getting wrecked looked so weighty and painful and just breathtaking to watch.


Fury Road mix of concept art and storyboard, really cool.


Three deleted scenes from the movie have been released online. They feature a brief NSFW scene involving a woman’s breast. They also include a very fake looking “temp baby” that looks even worse than the fake baby used in American Sniper.



wyl you need to stop it with this invalid body bullshit