Mad Max: Shadow of Max


This looks sweet. Didn’t even expect it.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Here is the original trailer from 2013.


Does look good, but holding any serious judgement for reviews.

It looks a very Ubisoft-style by the numbers open world setup. Not that I despise that but for that to work the basic gameplay mechanics have to be top notch to pull it off for the length of the game.


I could be wrong, but I get lots of Shadow of Mordor vibes from this game. Of course reviews are important, but it could be a sleeper.


My main reservation is in the minutae of its gameplay mechanics.

I mean it looks like it has Batman-esque fighting gameplay but it could be like Sleeping Dogs in that it mimicks that gameplay but is a clunky, massive disappointment.


Avalanche’s games never looked interesting to me, but to be fair I haven’t played any of them.


Yeah that’s my other worry. Avalanche make very boring open worlds.

They give you a big, vacuous space to play in and tell you to go nuts. And you’re sitting there thinking ‘yeah but why’.


Looks like at least with the demo they are showing now, it is just that, a big vacuous space and monotonous action. I’m still hopeful that it will be worth playing, but even without seeing the movie yet, I doubt it would live up to it.


This game seems like it was massively hurt by Fury Road.