Movies seen over the weekend


A bit trivial but the bikes and skateboards were not period correct at all.


Okay, Neil DeGrasse Tyson.


Go back to your anime porn, ffs.


'81 :slight_smile:

This show oozed my childhood. I wonder if there is a disconnect that’s missing there, but I don’t want to go so far to say “You had to be there, man” or some shit like that. I loved the series and I think it was more for nostalgia than the story or a particular character(s).


'83 for me

I think part of the dislike is that so many people are going gaga over it when admittedly it is a good but not great show. For some it is better than good because it hits notes that speak to them specifically but as a show, on a technical level it is only a good show.

Anything popular seems to have a push back if there is anything “bad” about it. Not to say that anyone’s criticisms of the show so far are wrong, but I know for myself that if I didn’t particularly like something popular that everyone else seems to like I go further in the opposite direction.



yall need to watch The Night Of



The Night Of, very sharp.


You guys should watch The Nice Guys.


You know who else was following orders? Hitler


stranger things was good
it was like super 8 if that was a good movie


I saw a dubbed version of Space Jam tonight and it was garbage.


I saw Sausage Party last night. It was stupid and hilarious. Almost Borat levels of crass, but with food.


And built on slave labor.


They did not slave in vain


Luke Cage is a good show.


Hunt for the Wilderpeople was excellent.


luke cage was alright
go a little silly at times

watched first episode of westworld,really interesting stuff there

also flash is back aaaand barry already fucked up lol


I’m way behind on both Flash and Arrow. Netflix haven’t updated their library in forever.