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Impressive. ~96k PS4 consoles were sold. Curious how FFXV’s first week will perform.






Twitch launcher? :rolling_eyes:



No Man’s Sky is being investigated for false advertising. They might have to…take down the false advertising.


Biggish update for Stardew Valley out today.


tried replaying nightmare creatures last night and it has not aged well


New Beyond Good and Evil is officially being made: rejoice with a free version of the original on PC.


Rock, Paper, Shotgun | The RPG Scrollbars: Some Little Things I’ve Loved, Vol 1



just found Garrus in Fallout 4, that way of extending his words is unmistakeable


Eurogamer | Steam will support PS4 controllers natively on PC


Seems like IGN have given Shadow Warrior 2 an 8.6/10.

Pretty excited for this. Not had my action loot game itch scratched for a while.


A red light on my motherboard indicated there was a problem somewhere so I re-assembled everything from zero and find that a few cpu pins are broken. Bugger. http://i.imgur.com/OPWVDpT.jpg


How did it happen? Did you try to replace the thermal paste?


There are 5 broken pins on my CPU socket. I’m not sure how it happened. I can’t repair them.

Also my bike got stolen. What a day.


Damn, that’s the worst


bless dude, hope tomorrow is easier