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New Taro game is fine by me, gacha game be damned.





@LabouredSubterfuge I’ve decided on getting the Asus PG279Q but I’m wary of the IPS glow that plagues some of these monitors. Is there anything coming out this year with better display technology? VA panels, 4K monitors etc.


No idea. VA seems pretty rare.



Come to daddy.




The PS4 had an amazing deal where you could get a 500gb slim for €188 in the Netherlands. I barely forced myself to hold out and wait a bit longer. My plan was to wait until Christmas and, if the Switch was still not worth it, then get a PS4 at €200 max. This deal being even lower than what I was expecting made me very weak for a bit.

It is still wise to wait just a bit longer and make a decision to get one console out of the 2. With this deal though, which I’m sure we’ll see more of, it does not make Nintendo’s position any better with them being so freaking cheap.


Nioh completely went under my radar. Making a note to self to get it once it goes on sale.


Not interested in an enhanced port with a new scenario. They changed the character portraits for the worse. Stocke doesn’t look old and gritty now. That changes the tone of the war setting. I was hoping for a sequel. :frowning:


A new scenario isn’t enough for me to double dip either.


My new laptop has a 1050 in it.

I’m playing DOOM at 1080p/60 with no problem.

It’s nuts.


Oof, yeah that’s a hit to the hype for me.

We’ll see if there’s anything else that brings it back into my focus.


Getting my new monitor today. A bit nervous.


Don’t forget to post your impressions!


Pretty satisfied. IPS glow is minimal which tends to be the problem with these displays at the moment. That was my biggest concern before getting it. Other than that there’s nothing wrong with it. Playing games on it feels butter smooth and immersive.




took my breath away