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That name is very similar to the Xbox One X. There will be some confusion among casual gamers.

The box looks nice, although it might be more difficult to fit in TV furniture.


Want to know the name of the doofus that is naming their products. I would send him hate mail.



Here’s my personal best of the last decade. In alphabetical order:

Assetto Corsa
Fallout: New Vegas
FF12: The Zodiac Age
Monster Hunter: World
Resident Evil 2
The Last of Us
The Witcher 3 (incl. H&S and B&W)
Titanfall 2


I’mma start Wolcen, which fully releases today.









Was really hoping they’d think about releasing it early given the country’s quarantine, sadly not…


Which VR device should I play this on?


What options do you have or are considering? The Index seems to be king, but the latest oculus headsets have been really well reviewed too. I’ve got an OG Vive with the Index (Knuckles) controllers.


Hard to say. I have no real experience with any of these devices but naturally I want the best one.



Para @archnemesis


Aargh, now it will difficult to wait for PSVR2. I have to do some research on alternatives.

Edit: There isn’t even a PSVR bundle with what I need (headset, camera, 2 motion controllers). I’ll wait for a few months.



I haven’t played much of 64, Sunshine or Galaxy. I hope they don’t charge full price for each remake.


Super Mario Galaxy is top drawer but the other games are not worth remastering because they have bland level design.