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Ant Man was great.


I signed up for another free month of Netflix and yesterday I started watching their Daredevil series. I’m liking it.


I enjoyed it as well.


true detective is the best comedy on hbo


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation



Currently going through season 2. So good.


Mission Impossible was one of the suggestions for our next visit to the cinema. Me and a friend will watch Jurassic Park World on this Wednesday. Good choice?


prolly gonna watch MI


But did you see Mad Max?


Nope. I only heard of the name, don’t know anything about it. Is it good?


Yes. It is so good.

John can back me up.

Also a film you DEFINITELY want to see in theaters.



Watch Fury Road. It’s phenomenal. Uninhibited visual glee.


It’s the best movie ever made.


The Ninth Configuration (1980)
like shutter island but actually good

Who Wants to Kill Jessie? (1966)
czech new wave meets duck soup except the marx bros were slightly less good looking than the title character

The Seven-Ups (1973)
quality 70s crime action flick

The Big Heat (1953)
lee marvin is a real asshole in this. a classic obvs


I watched the first episode of Six Feet Under today. I liked it, has heart. I was expecting something more subtle, but it’s really not.


Dude that’s literally my girlfriend’s favorite show of all time. She watches it annually.


So is the whole show about exploring different ways to cope with death? I remember very few things from watching it on TV, most importantly Dave (Nate?) dying from an aneurysm after confessing his love?? not sure, and i hope there is more than i can recall to it.

Oh hey it’s that song form New Vegas!



I’m still processing the reasons I love it.

A must watch.


i hate six feet under