Spring 2016 Anime


First episode of Jojo Part 4 was great. Jotaro’s new clothes look nice. Josuke’s Stand is crazy. The knife magically reappeared in his stomach.


Fuck dude, Kyoani is doing a movie? AND it’s A Silent Voice/Koe no Katachi?


damn yo


I forgot to be excited about the OP and ED. Fabulous.

Also there was some pretty wild censoring considering that it barely hid anything. That was incredibly violent.


So new season

Jojo is pretty good so far as expected, ok OP, ED is not Smash Mouth 0/10 preorder canceled (nah its ok)

Boku no Hero Academia - only watched the first ep but its pretty good as well. Deku is funny, all mights laugh is great. I like the manga plotline so Im hoping they do it well. meh OP/ED

Kiznaiver - I thought id give Trigger another chance to disappoint me! But so far its not terrible. Im intrigued anyway. Also the OP is trippy as fuck visually.

Ace Attorney - Meh

still need to watch Koutetsujou no Kabaneri


Aside from the part where this frame looks like a wallpaper someone made, I like how throwing on his shoulder-cloak counts as suiting up.


Kabaneri is probably the best looking anime in a long while, cgi trains aside
dont get how strangulation stops a virus but its anime so ill ignore it


Yo, Angelo!


so instead of giving up on anime i decided to watch something kind of old but not very and i ended up watching soremachi

it’s pretty fun! i missed old SHAFT before the nise and neko and whatever else they’re doing right now, like nisekoi i think

the op is so good! i love it


I didn’t hear good things about it when it aired but I hear lots of love for manga.





This tumblr post was one of two reasons I started watching High School Fleet. The other was the fact that I found out that it’s currently airing, yet I couldn’t fucking remember at all which strangely intrigued me. As you might expect, it’s not really much like Red October but I suppose it’s just similar enough to work as shorthand. If you strip out all of the naval stuff, it’s just your expected SoL show. The naval stuff is surprisingly prevalent enough though to serve as a mitigating factor unless you just can’t stand it.

I am reminded of SCHOOL-LIVE when I’m watching this. It makes me wonder if “school girls, with a deadly twist” is going to be a thing.


I have a lot of catching up to do for this season, but I have made it a priority to being up-to-date with Jojo and Dragon Ball Super.


Rihanna has to be a HxH fan.



Read or Die is purdy good!


the ova is great


yes that is what i’m watching