Spring 2016 Anime


i saw GuP in a single day, it was glorious


For those playing at home, he lost just barely over half his weight at 44 pounds. That means he normally weighs an astounding 87 pounds.


So that new beserk is pretty bad eh?


It looks like shit.


It was quite bad. The CG animation was atrocious. What the fuck were they thinking? There is a way to blend in CG in subtle ways to where hand-drawn animation can still make up the majority of the visuals.


So I’m re-watching Blue Exorcist with the fiance in preparation for the new season next year. It’s honestly a lot better than I remember it being, and Erin is loving it. We blew through 11 episodes since Saturday. It reminds me a lot of FMA Brotherhood in its dialogue and balance of corny outburst humor and grim reality. Even though I’d say FMAB is a superiour anime, Blue Exorcist manages this balance far better, and had us genuinely laughing pretty often. FMA typically gets a light chuckle at best.

Watching it in english, because she hates subs, but I dont even mind this time. The english VAs did a phenomenal job.


Also that OP is CASH MON3Y



Yukio’s ears are still normal in the key art so it’s likely a reboot.


Nah, it’s a continuation

The story of Blue Exorcist continues with the students of True Cross Academy alongside the Exorcists who fight the demons that appear on Earth.
The eye of Fujo-O the impure king was stolen from the secret room of the True Cross Academy. Rin and his friends are sent to recover the stolen eye in Kyoto, where the second eye is located. Ryuji’s family’s mission is to protect it at all costs. But when both eyes are used together, the Impure King, a demonic entity that has left thousands dead in the middle of the 19th century will be brought back to life


I guess he found a can of Ear-B-Gone or they just plumb forgot.


lol, I dont remember how the first season ends (hence the rewatch) so I’ll get back to you on that.



Summer am I rite?



I wanna make a new thread, but I can’t find the time. >_>


No time like the present.


Yeah, but I’m constantly trying to meet deadlines for school. Summer school is hectic because they cram so much material within 3 months, so you’re always trying to play catch up. I have to be selective on which anime to watch. I can get an episode or two in before I go to bed, but that’s about the extent of it.

An anime a day keeps the waifu away - Summer 2016