American Police Thread


Is it okay to have a thread about the police in America and how they treat dark skinned people? I have been following the news here and there. Lately there is always something happening, it keeps getting worse. This topic deserves attention in WYL. It would help to stay in touch and be more informed through members who are knowledgeable about this topic. Links, news and articles are appreciated.

Last I read that a cop shot a guy that did not have his driver’s licence. Also a woman was arrested and found dead three days later in her cell.


Yeah, I’m really hoping this issue gets dealt with soon…

Things are getting pretty bad


I technically made a thread but I guess I haven’t been updating it.



I’ve read your topic quickly before making this one. It didn’t feel like (at least to me) that it was made clear that it was supposed to be THE thread for all the news regarding the police.

Either way, I don’t mind if it becomes this thread or your thread, the thread title should be made clear at least.

Although my original intention was to focus on dark skinned people in particular, we can make this thread about how American cops are stupid in general if all you guys want that.


It’s bad, but from outsiders looking in, I can’t help but think that they may believe that there’s a daily war zone occurring in the US, on the level of Syria and Iraq, and that it isn’t safe to go outside (yeah, that’s an absurd notion, but some of EuroGAF believe this. They use that as a reason to avoid visiting the US). Nothing like that. But I stress, that isn’t to discount the seriousness of the frequent cases of police brutality towards civilians. Many police officers have been abusing their authority and covering up for each other to avoid punishment.

One particular incident involving a younger guy getting gunned down by a cop still infuriates me. The police received calls from “concerned witnesses” that there were a group of guys walking around town, and the “concerned” part basically boiled down to these guys wearing baggy clothing and baseball caps. They fit the thug stereotype, I guess. So naturally, that means that they are gang bangers and out to commit theft and murder. They were coming out of a convenience store, and the cop was calling out to them. One of the guys had headphones on and couldn’t hear him, so he most likely put his hand in his pocket to turn down the volume, and the trigger-happy cop shot him. Senseless murder.


Personally, although I wouldn’t go as far as to compare the situation to Syria and Iraq, I still feel as if the situation is pretty bad. People are actually getting killed for petty things. This has been proven many times. It makes me not want to visit the country (if there was a choice) out of fear of mistakingly being hurt or killed for having an Iraqi background.

What’s worse is how the defenders come out unscathed more often than not. They might get suspended or lose their jobs, but that’s not enough of a punishment.

It makes me wonder what the hell is happening in America. The police or security groups are feeling more and more like a military with their latest equipment and treatment of innocents.


Naw. I wouldn’t worry about being shot at here. The US is a massive country and population dense. I can’t promise that you’d never experience discrimination because of your ethnic background. There are plenty of racists here, but I’m not sure if it’s no more than other parts of the world. Basically, I very highly doubt you would be in danger because of discrimination, but at the very least, you could experience subtle, passive aggressive racism, where the intent isn’t blatant and direct. Statistically, your chances of getting shot at are extremely low. Your chances of getting run over by a car or getting killed in a car crash are much higher.


Statistically, you probably have a high chance of being questioned when you arrive at an American airport.


That is also something to think about.



Walked up with my gun trained on someone getting out of a crashed vehicle. Oh darn, I accidentally shot him and paralyzed him for life. Oops.

Aww man, I can’t victimize vulnerable black women anymore. I’m so sad.


I’m confused about the first link. Why would he should him when he clearly was unharmed? Was it an order?

About the second link, how can he rape and sexually abuse so many women unnoticed for such a long time?

Police officers are really scary in America.

  1. It seems like it was an accident. He didn’t stop to aim and shoot. They’re saying that he was surprised by his weapon discharging, the fact that he stops immediately after firing rather than before seems to suggest that that’s the case.

  2. Rape often goes unreported, the rapist was a cop, the victims were drug users/prostitutes

Weren’t some of these things in the links? :s


I read both links. The first link mentioned what you said but it was confusing and the intentions of the cop were not certain.

The second link…did mention that some of them had some drug problems I think (?) and that rape goes unnoticed. I don’t remember reading anything about them being prostitutes though. Even with those reasons given, I still find it odd. I expect that drug users and prostitutes are protected more in the Netherlands when being compared to how things go in America.



Have you guys read the new about 4 officers getting shot during a demonstration…

Civilians were screaming and panicking, it was heartbreaking :cold_sweat:


Going well.


My thoughts on the Dallas shooting is that violence begets violence. Yes, I am keenly aware that some police officers in the US have been abusing their authority, and targeting and shooting minorities for racially-motivated reasons, but an eye for an eye isn’t going to get the results people want. The only way that a path towards meaningful change can occur is when the oppressed are civil, and it’s important that they use methods that are non-violent. You don’t stoop to the level of those you want to see prosecuted.

The foolish thing about resorting to indiscriminate violence towards any police officers is that those police officers who were killed were most likely in support of the cause that BLM have been fighting for. In fact, some of the officers were with the Dallas supporters, taking photos with them, and encouraging their protesting. It is a dangerous mindset to have an extremist perspective, regardless of which side you stand on. It is a fact that the majority of police officers in the US sincerely protect and serve all people in the country, but there’s no question that the role of a US police officer has been given too much power, in which, they have become militarized.