An Amiga 500 Mini is on the way



Welp, that’s a little before my time but I’ve never seen one of these things in person.


Mini retro consoles confuse the heck out of me.

Y’all know you can emulate all this for free, right?


It’s for the collectors.


I like the idea of having multiple retro consoles in a game room. Partly for nostalgia and partly to show my kids what gaming was like in the past.

But yes, retro consoles are not practical for actual gaming. Firing up an emulator on my PC or buying the game for the Switch is a lot more convenient.


I would rather buy a LEGO® reproduction of a retro console. Yes, that’d be nice.


I got the Lego NES a couple of weeks ago. It’s great.


That must’ve been fun to build.

The Mario set could work well as a complementary set.