An anime a day keeps the waifu away - Summer 2016


I’m confused, what did you change? I don’t know if you were trying to fix alignment maybe? It’s been fucked for a bit.


What do you mean? Talking about the edit I made?

If you just link an image, it embeds the image with a link to it. Not ideal.

If you embed the image as just an image, either <img src="img-url"> or ![](img-url) it will be a normal image embed with “zoom” and better alignment.




I guess I can put image tags so it opens in a window instead of a new page. They’re aligned exactly the same for me though.

  <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
    <img src="" width="950" height="534">
    <span class="badge badge-notification clicks" title="2 clicks">2</span>

<div class="lightbox-wrapper">
  <a href="" class="lightbox" title="29hpMEg.jpg" rel="nofollow">
    <img src="" width="950" height="534">
    <div class="meta">
      <span class="filename">29hpMEg.jpg</span>
      <span class="informations">1360x764</span>
      <span class="expand"></span>
    <span class="badge badge-notification clicks" title="2 clicks">2</span>

There is a difference in padding, notice in the top one, the image is wrapped in the <p> tags, and in the bottom it is outside of the <p> tags? What that means is the embedded version is visually separated from the text above it by padding that the linked version would not have. Various posts on here have tried dealing with it by adding lots of <br> tags or similar to get the spacing they want, but its really simple.

Also you don’t get the “how many clicks” number under or next to the image, because it isn’t treated as an external link.


This show is surprisingly legit. It’s on Crunchyroll.


You like dolls, brah?


Dolls are creepy.


My thoughts exactly.


I just started watching Re:Zero and it might be my favorite show this year. There’s a pretty strong buildup to that 8th episode where Subaru breaks down. My stomach was in knots watching that. I read an article that said that was his audition and they were like “that’s him, this is the guy” when they heard his performance. I hope it hasn’t hit its peak too early, I don’t know where you go from here. It’s one thing to overcome your death, it’s another to overcome pure hatred.


I’ve been watching Re:Zero since early on the first season and I feel it is the best anime so far. It is heart wrenching, and the voice actor is really good at selling the pain the character is in.

You’re half way though the show so far, and let’s just say that it gets worse, in the despair sort of way. This show is something different and I hope they continue to delve into the mental pain a situation like this would cause.

Another reason I like the show is that you really don’t know where things are heading. You know he can come back to life, but you don’t know what he will lose when he does, either from his sanity and heart or the friends he has made. Also right now he has no luck and is making terrible choices.


There’s definitely a worse version of the show where he just shrugs off the deaths. It wouldn’t be as good if he did.


I agree, and am glad it’s less of a game like how most of those shows tend to be.


Ugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh. The show has gotten actual worse. I had such a positive opinion of it and it’s throwing it all away.


I’m still enjoying it, but it’s hard to know if we like(d) it for the same reasons.

What ep are you on?


I caught up. I found the protagonist to be a pretty charming character and now he’s just a complete asshole.


The biggest problem with Re:Zero is that it’s turned into The Walking Dead basically. It’s obsessed with the misery porn angle of it. I started to think maybe I had been fooled, that I had been labouring under misconceptions of what Re:Zero actually was. I think I was half right. It was actually more basic than I realized all along, but it’s not immediately apparent when it’s behind the veneer of what the show actually succeeds at.


Anyways I just started GITS - Arise and it seems prettay good.

Only 4 eps right?


Yeah. Honestly the movies and TV show are better though.



Don’t scare the loli maids.