An anime a day keeps the waifu away - Summer 2016


“Rem, Rem”

“Nee-sama, nee-sama”


TV show is better, movie is best. Movie is completely new level, actually, like it’s on a whole another plane.




Heaven? Or Hell?


I declare that SAC is better than 2nd Gig except for that Sniper episode. That was the shiznt


Mob Psycho 100 : This show just went from great to fantastic. And it looks like it’ll kick up another notch next episode.


Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei!! ep. 8

While I do like personal touches I kinda wish Illya just got exact same costume. I’m glad they kept the aesthetics though, I’m hoping Miyu swaps too eventually.




Re:Zero 1-4

Yeah, ok. I can see what the hype is about. Lets keep the train rolling.


I feel that you will be disappointed if you are judging it on 1-4 being favorable. It changes quite a bit, and has only now started down a different path once again in tone. I am still enjoying it, so I feel it is worth sticking through it.


What direction does the shift take? How bad we talking?


It’s just uneven. The next arc is one of the greatest this year and then…and then…maybe the worst arc this year that’s okay by the end.


Borderline torture porn. Major depression, making the MC an intolerable shit. That didn’t turn me off from the show really, just made me want to see how he got out of it, if he did.

One thing I like about the show, is that while the world has a lot of things going on, they don’t spend a lot of time over explaining things. There are small mysteries left.


Ok, ok. I can roll with that. I was more worried it was going to lose that dark tone, and turn out like the second season of Log Horizon.

Still a little salty about that one.

Fucking tiny hats

Hope the ending to this show pays off.


It’s still very dark. Basically if the show has any feelings of happiness or success, something bad is going to happen.




a bit late but mob psycho 8 was hype as fuck, like the last episode of OPM level hype
ep 9 was also good, the story is really interesting now that mob has some real threats