An anime a day keeps the waifu away - Summer 2016


Re:ZERO is very lit



finally watched the GuP movie, it’s very cool but just that bit too much acrobatic, still very good sounds and camera choices and enjoyable quips all around

skipped the drama bit so i don’t really know what it was about tho


I thought it was a damn shame they didn’t use this when they fought 'MURICA in the show but then they pull it out in the movie.

More is coming, although the exact format isn’t clear yet. Welcome back to anime, MJ.


So I considered stumping for Thunderbolt Fantasy but honestly this video is enough. If you can’t be convinced by watching a clip of the show, nothing I say will probably change anything.


that dialogue is pretty ok


holy shit i wasn’t ready


Okay, so they must’ve just had a group meeting or something to do this in Stardust Crusaders then.


I love how they build up the suspense for many of the fights in JoJo. It mostly delivers.










bless up


ok, so Mob Psycho Finale.

All in all I loved it, no doubts about it. Was kind of disappointed at first, felt it was anticlimactic. But the more I think about it, the more I love it. The more it feels right for this show. Animation was out of control, as usual. hype was real, but it wasn’t the hype I was hoping for after last ep’s sudden end. I’m still struggling with my feelings.

Season 2 when??


I was curious what you thought about it.

I personally really enjoyed it. Obviously it would have been fun and awesome for it to go all Shonen, but to choose not to is the right direction. It makes it feel like a real deconstruction and distinct from OPM.

The fact that it was a twist to your expectations and funny to boot made it work really well. Excited for more whenever it comes.


wait a second, 3-gatsu no Lion is getting an adaptation next season

very excited


Steam has anime now?



They’ve been getting into movies for awhile now. $4 is pretty high for like a 50 minute movie.


That’s true