I wanted somewhere to talk about anime I’ve been watching.

I’ve been watching Dr. Stone, Vinland Saga, and Demon Slayer. All highly recommended.

Dr. Stone has an interesting premise of new inventions being created by a genius in a stone age.

Vinland Saga is a completely grounded setting in the medieval era, but it focuses on vikings and their wars with the English. Similar to the Golden Age arc of Berserk, but without any supernatural elements.

Demon Slayer is a quality shonen. The animation and music are very good.

While I haven’t watched it yet, Carole & Tuesday looks great. By the Cowboy Bebop director. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack a lot. Most of the singing in the show is sung in English. Angela is bae.


I’ve been really enjoying Demon Slayer as well. It doesn’t do anything particularly new or unique, but it refines the genre, distills it in a refreshing and highly polished fashion.

Also Mob Psycho had an OVA drop this week, really excited to get into that. I’ll take every second of Mob that I can.

Also also we’ve got a new season coming up! Looking forward to HeroAca coming back, and other than that not sure what’s airing. Oh, aside from No Guns Life, I read up on that manga. Again, nothing special there but if the animation is good and they deliver on the visuals and voice acting, it will carry the so-so plot. Kind of reminded me of that Gangsta anime. It was just cool and well animated/acted, and that was enough lol.



I’m really loving Ascendance of a Bookworm. It’s hard to describe why exactly it is that I like it so much. The best I can come up with is the conflict just has really low stakes. It’s all about doing everything in the power available to you to be kind and sweet to your friends and family.


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