Batman vs Superman



That looks interesting. I’m not a fan of the DC movies, the new Batmans are an exclusion. I’ll check this out.


This story, pitting Batman against Superman, is utter fan fiction, but the trailer was put together wonderfully. It appears as if Superman has developed a cult of devout followers, and Batman might be against the radicalism occurring. Batman’s special reinforced armor looked intimidating, with his glowing eyes. I think Ben Affleck will make a good Batman, but I couldn’t care less about the guy playing as Superman.

“Tell me, do you bleed? You will.”



If by fan fiction you mean a comic book that was released ages ago you’d be right.

I still think the premise is shit though.


Yeah, I know it’s a story in the comics, but it’s still retarded. I meant that it sounds like something an obsessed comic book fan would come up with. Weird that they’d dedicate a big budget movie for this.


I doubt they’ll actually copy the comic’s story given that’s about Superman working for the gubbermint and Batman creating some libertarian paradise in Gotham and Superman coming in to threaten Batman’s Ultimate Freedom Zone.


OK so why is batman fighting superman again




ok so batman is the romans and superman is jesus, i get it


Territorial control.



I can’t hold back my laughter when I see Jesse Eisenberg. He looks utterly ridiculous.


He’s playing Lex Luthor??..




I’ll give him a chance but that voice…