Crypto chat


Who here’s in the game?
Any technical analysis to share?


I’m into the Poppy game myself. Can’t lose.


a couple at bore are way into it


I have a little BTC day trading with a bot.

Holding XLM for the long haul since I believe in the project.


Just seems so weird that people aren’t learning from such obviously volatile market conditions.

Don’t even think the tech is there yet.


Some projects have real potential and are working as intended, focusing mainly on adoption.

As far as investing, it is very much the wild west and you should only ever put money into it you can afford to completely leave. It is almost at the level of gambling.


I work in IP law so I find the whole issue of copy-able digital assets (and non-copy-able ones) to be very interesting indeed.

I know that’s not the area we’re talking about here but the block-chain concept is likely to become integral to almost all e-commerce at some point.


So that is the interesting thing. For most businesses the block chain is not better than a database they own. Where a block chain really benefits is for distributed ledgers and tracking transactions. Having an eventually consistent series of operations.

With Stellar the interesting thing is how easy it is to create assets on the network and transfer them around. One of the big things the foundation is focusing on is having “anchors” which would anchor other digital assets like Bitcoin and Etherium as well as fiat currencies to the Stellar distributed ledger. This would allow people or companies to exchange and use any type of asset be it the native XLM, ETH or USD on the network with anyone else that chooses to trust them. It could very easily become a backbone for e-commerce in this case. The retailer could accept USD on the network, you could send ETH, and if there was no direct ETH to USD (or ETH to USD was more expensive) it would swap across other assets to get the destination you wanted. So it could do ETH to XLM to EUR to USD, all in one transaction.

Anyways, we are so early that I don’t think anyone knows the full impact down the line. Interesting times imo.


I have minor investments in three crypto currencies, but I should probably sell those since I don’t actively follow trends and news.


What’s this bot you’re using, @chapel?




I’ve been trading since December. I made some bad trading decisions, but I’ve learned from my mistakes. My current portfolio isn’t ideal in diversity, but there is one cryptocurrency that I believe in, and has been releasing what they set out to do so far. It’s called ECC. It’s an open source, decentralized cryptocurrency that is developing an address name service (sending/receiving coins using a registered name, instead of a long and complicated alphanumeric address), file storage, and messaging all on a platform/wallet called Sapphire. Each of those three main services are a separate chain, and the payment service is also a separate chain. ECC is a Bitcoin clone as well. They’ve recently released Sapphire and ANS, and they’re working on ironing out the bugs in Sapphire and ANS, then they’ll work on messaging next. In addition to actively being listed on more exchanges and marketing.