Cyberpunk 2077


Heck da planet


Chills man, chills.

Hopefully that comes out in the next five years. Will be interesting to see how the game plays versus this CG trailer.



I was curious about details in the trailer, so I watched it at quarter speed and paused frequently to look at things.

One thing I can say, this trailer shows immense detail from the characters itself, to the surrounding physical area to the density of population and overall detail.

While I consider it CG in the sense that it isn’t actual gameplay and might as well be a cutscene (where quality of visuals can rise due to no gameplay systems in place), the fact that it is in engine and that they have such high visual quality across the board is insane to me. This looks truly next gen, and I hope they do not target Xbox One or PS4, even the X and Pro versions.

If they can ship a game anywhere near this quality, be it as much of a downgrade that Witcher 3 saw from the shipped game, it will still be beyond anything anyone else is doing. The amount of unique models shown in the trailer is crazy, if I had more time I’d go into more depth and point out what they are but I am in awe.

I mean it looks like they put stretch marks on the fat redneck guys stomach, and the pregnant woman behind him “waddling” like a pregnant woman might.


I need to have an s-tier card in my computer by the time this comes out.


I’ve barely touched the Witcher series, but this looks fantastic. I love the setting.




Everything I watch or read about peoples reactions to the closed door demo is rocket hype fuel. It is hard to temper myself to it all. I wish I could see the demo for myself, had I known it would be there I might have taken the time off and went to E3 just for that. I’m pathetic.

I wonder if the demo will leak somewhere, it is hard to imagine that someone hasn’t snuck a camera in considering how many people they were showing it to. Seemed like anyone that was there could watch it.


I’m sure it’s easy to sneak in a camera but difficult to actually record.


Dropbox in case the above gets removed:








Why are those people taking advantage of my boy Keanu



All of this sound so fucking good.