I’m not sure if I’ll like the upcoming movie. I hope it isn’t mostly a comedy like Guardians of the Galaxy was. I watched that for the first 20 minutes, then quickly lost interest and stopped watching. They should focus on how he became Deadpool. His back-story is pretty interesting.



Seriously that’s like saying I stopped playing Chrono Trigger after 20 minutes because reasons.


A little bit longer than 20 minutes. I watched enough to know that I wasn’t digging it. -shrug-



And so ends volume #245,333, chapter #3,332,667 of Leo’s most disappointing posts.


Guardians wasn’t very good.

It was an ok action movie but that’s not a very high bar. If i wasn’t stuck inside a room with other humans watching it i’d have just clicked on the big X on the top right of the window.


Well, they got the tone right.