Death Stranding



The new trailer is great, but I fear that they are still far away from having an actual game.


Another vignette of “things wot look cool” but when put together in a game will not be particularly cohesive or interesting because it’ll all be hand-waved with pseudo-philosophical twaddle.

I fear that after the fan backlash to MGSV’s story he will go back to I-actually-just-want-to-direct-films games.





I just want to know what the hell this game will be. It looks especially screwy, so you know it’s a Kojima game.


Emma Stone apparently.



Finally saw the new trailer. It’s weird and contains no gameplay. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is released in 2020.




As a Kojima fan, this game is rapidly looking like it’s going to be garbage.


What game?


Gonna be some gorgeous screenshots coming out of this game



It better have support for Ansel.