emotional limitations


if there is anything in life iam truly grateful for its this. Sure that’s not the technical term but yeah
Like say you start crying. Eventually you are going to stop. You cant physically hold an emotion forever without a moment of clarity eventually.

Its funny when I woke up I had everything in my head perfectly lined up how I was gonna type this up, but now its gone.
I feel a lot more eloquent in my head.

For the past year or so my health has declined. And Ive been thinking a lot about life, death, and humanity in general, almost obsessively.

On the other side of the coin is ive been trying to distract myself from the bad thoughts. Games, music, movies,books etc. Not to say they dont have practical applications but yeah.

jim sterling gets it

Anyway I guess the point of this topic is existential meanderings now. Like i said I had it all in my head perfect like a dream but then I woke up.


I find keeping myself busy is the best way to prevent bad thoughts from occupying my mind. These days I try to live instead of thinking about life and death.


yeah I try the same but its getting harder
i need to get like in super shape physically I think would help but my health is so bad atm im worried i might actually die. i had a bit of mental breakdown if you will and got a bit lazy tbh these past few months
i lift weights occasionally but thas about it
gonna see a doctor soon for some health reassurance hopefully

im 6’2 @ 205 if yur curious


I don’t exercise at all beyond walking/biking for work and errands, but I should probably change that.


watchin predator
thas how swole i gots to be


I’d argue that it would depend on your level of anguish. For example, if you’ve lost a loved one who you loved too much, some people out there aren’t able to let go of their grief and bring it with them in their death. It’s also possible that that substantial amount of grief would have given them health problems due to stress and anxiety. To use a specific example, if someone lost a mother or father, and they had a very close bond with them, they might not be able to ever recover from their loss if they aren’t able to successfully go through the healing process.

I wish you all the best, @Vizzy. Distractions, like interests and hobbies, are effective for focusing on the positive. They keep your mind productive. Exercise, healthy dieting, and talking with family and friends are also important for your physical and mental health.


Vizzy you are tall as fuck!



if i had self confidence id prolly have a gf

I dont tho


ooh, what’s that from? reminds me of chika umino


dont know sorry


[like magic][1]

argh is just some terrible romance thing, what a disappointment

anyway vizzy i think you’d like to walk, do you like walking? i mean if you live in the middle of nowhere i understand it might seem like there is no point to it but walking helps me a lot and brings me closer to the world in a way that i feel is more genuine than actual life
[1]: http://bato.to/read/_/110613/love-com★two_ch1_by_haruhime/38


you found it quick, gj
I used to walk everyday. since i moved not so much. the weather is kinda shit atm (excuses lol) but i might soons


Walking is the best. When I lived closer to my office I used to walk home every day. An hour will give you plenty of time to clear your mind and relax.