Euro 2016


I have Belgium vs. Ireland on in the background while cleaning my apartment. Weird that we don’t have a thread for this.


Germany’s going to win, aren’t they?


That’s where I put my betting money.




How…? :joy:




When is the last time that Germany won?

Maybe my thoughts are outdated, but I always heard that they are good at football but they haven’t been champions for a while. Is that still accurate?


World champions in 2014.


They are an excellent team. Safe to say they are the best football team in the world. They haven’t been champions for a number of years in both the Euro cup and World Cup. As arch mentioned, they won the previous World Cup in 2014, and they won the 2000 Euro Cup, so while they are the current World Cup champions, it has been 16 years since they’ve been the Euro Cup champions.

This was during the 2014 World Cup semi-final Germany vs Brazil. Germany systematically destroyed them at 7-1. That went down as the greatest semi-final match of all time in football.


Man took the microphone and threw it into a lake, I am crying. He did that


Sweden is out unless we can beat Belgium tonight.


Old man Zlatan can’t save Sweden tonight.


Thanks for the explanation you guys.

I have vague memories of their match in 2014. We talked about it live on WYL :no_mouth:





Portugal are frauding their way to the finals.


don’t know whether to be glad or depressed, but tomorrow’s gonna be insufferable