Favorite music of 2017


What are your favorite albums or singles from this year?


Zomby "Solar Ashes"
Mr. Mitch ft. Palmistry "VPN"
Lil Uzi Vert "XO Tour Llif3"
Lil Peep "Better Off (Dying)"
Future "Feds Did a Sweep"
Famous Dex & Trippie Redd "Blade of Woe"
Zomby & Banshee "Fly 2"
Corbin "Revenge Song"
Deadcrow “Yawn”



This year I’ve mostly been listening to technical death metal, since it’s perfect music for work.

I noticed that Xiu Xiu and Depeche Mode have released new albums this year in the Resetera thread. Those are alright too, although I need to listen to them a few more times before I can compare them against their prior work.


Listened to it a few times and I really like it. They finally found a way to merge their disparate rock and electronic sounds in a way that feels completely organic. Second half of this record is great.

1 - Coolverine
2 - Party in the Dark
3 - Brain Sweeties
4 - Crossing the Road Material
5 - aka 47
6 - 20 Size
7 - 1000 Foot Face
8 - Don’t Believe the Fife
9 - Battered at the Scramble
10 - Old Poisons
11 - Every Country’s Sun


Grizzly Bear’s new album is also great.