Favorite music of 2019


What are your favorite albums or singles from this year?


Zomby "Solar Ashes"
Mr. Mitch ft. Palmistry "VPN"
Lil Uzi Vert "XO Tour Llif3"
Lil Peep "Better Off (Dying)"
Future "Feds Did a Sweep"
Famous Dex & Trippie Redd "Blade of Woe"
Zomby & Banshee "Fly 2"
Corbin "Revenge Song"
Deadcrow “Yawn”



This year I’ve mostly been listening to technical death metal, since it’s perfect music for work.

I noticed that Xiu Xiu and Depeche Mode have released new albums this year in the Resetera thread. Those are alright too, although I need to listen to them a few more times before I can compare them against their prior work.


Grizzly Bear’s new album is also great.


IGOR & MAGDALENE were hands down my favorite albums of this year.


I’m still going through Pitchfork’s “Best albums of 2010s” so I haven’t listened to their 2019 list yet. Almost none of the artists I follow released new material this year.