Final Fantasy XV


Downloading the demo now. Wee!


No option to turn it off???



the fov looks like a complete nightmare


I played 30 minutes of the demo and I’m not feeling it. The tutorial combat was fun, but once I’m out in the forest fighting mobs it’s very chaotic. It’s easy to get locked into combat animations and I the camera kept getting stuck in weird angles. Maybe I’ll get used to it with some more experience.

The opening cinematic cutscene was very impressive. Once outside in the large open area it’s not as nice visually.




Embarrassing “trailer”. What the fuck is that bullshit? More than half of the trailer was Noctis’s father holding him. At this stage, they should be showing us content from other parts of the game. The annoying thing is, Tabata said that trailer was going to show their progress so far. I think that they continue to struggle on development.


Here is everything from the latest Active Time Report:

Q: Will there be airships?

  • A: We’re currently looking into the technology to see if that’s
    possible. If the height that the airship can fly is limited, then it
    would technically be possible. There is a good chance it will be in
    the game and at least fly at bird’s height. If it’s not in the base
    game, I want to have it released after the game launches as
    downloadable content.

Q: Why do the edges of the screen look so dark?

  • A: This is one of the after effects to change the visuals. This is
    because everyone’s TVs have different technical specifications.

Q: Is the Cross Chain combination system finished?

  • A: Currently it’s at a state where it responds correctly whenever the
    techniques are used. The system will be tweaked and be polished, but
    the basic design is complete. There is also a third type of Cross
    Chain not featured in the Episode Duscae demo.

Q: Final Fantasy Versus XIII was supposed to have a sad and deep dramatic story. Can we still hope for something really deep and emotional in Final Fantasy XV?

  • A: The core elements of Versus XIII‘s story are still present in
    Final Fantasy XV—all of the things that we thought were important for
    tragedy and calamity—but has been expanded with other elements like
    the focus on friendship, the bond between father and son, etc.

Q: Previous Final Fantasy games had some charismatic villains like Sephiroth. Can we expect a new bad guy for Final Fantasy XV?

  • A: We’ve got a really good villain for Final Fantasy XV. There will
    be a time soon where we’ll release information about this character.
    He’s going to top all of the previous villains.

Q: Who is the mysterious lady with the black hair?

  • A: We can only really at the moment say that’s what she looks like.
    We’ve only revealed her face so far. She’s a very important character
    in the story and needs to be very mysterious right now. On the
    development team, we call her the straight, black-haired girl.

Q: What happened to the playable city demo? Have you forgotten about it?

  • A: We haven’t forgotten. They can’t announce launch timing yet, but
    they want to release it as soon as possible.

The malboro looks cool, but everything else going on there is a visual and mechanical mess. Framerate issues and Noctis dying right away. I’m finding the latter to be a common problem that I’ve played in the demo and other footage I’ve seen. Character death during battles is constant and frustrating. They need to ramp down the difficulty.

They better include that airship on the disc. No paywalls. Please don’t go down that rabbit hole for FF15, SQEX. Smh. The FF15 villain topping Kefka has to be a hell of a villain.


Tabata did a new Active Time Report at PAX Prime.

New details:

  • Confirmed 2016 release.

  • Square Enix will hold a major event on March 2016 to announce the official release date.

  • A new video was shown where you could see Cor Leonis, a mysterious swordsman, and Noctic holding a revolver and shooting it at an enemy.

  • The main menu was shown for the first time and you could see the options “Map”, “Drive”, “Quests”, “Strategy”, “Equipment”, “Abilities”, “Magic”, “Summons”, “Items”, and “Collection”.

  • Altissia is a town modeled after Venice, Italy. The quality of the in-game city will be equivalent with the pre-render.

  • Hammerhead is a maintenance shop modeled after the hammerhead shark. While Cindy is in the artwork of the shop, she is not the owner of it. Tabata hinted that a sleeping old man in the corner of the concept art is the owner.

  • The middle of Lestallum has a large structure that plays a pivotal role in the city. That structure is how the town gets its power. Inside that structure, there is a large crater, and within that, the meteor is still burning.

  • Various concept art highlighted that no matter where the party was in the world, they could stop at any time, set up camp, and socialize with each other.

  • The car is used for Noctis and his friends to go on their journey. The owner of the car is King Regis, Noctis’ father. The main theme of the game is “bond between friends”, but another main theme is “bond between father and son”. While Noctis is travelling with his friends, he is also indirectly bonding with his father.

  • Eidolons will have their own personalities, will be intelligent, and play a “vital role” in the story. Leviathan is female and connected to Altissia in some way.

  • There was a concept art shown which depicts how the world of Final Fantasy 15 was created. The father figure on the right side is Ramuh. He and other Eidolons were involved in the creation of the game’s world. While the art may look western, Tabata noted that the concepts have a “very Japanese background”.

  • Another concept art shows a girl running away from a town after it’s been invaded. That girl is Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. Tabata simply said that she’s a very strong character and a very strong woman.

  • Concept art of the Caim Outpost was shown. Right behind the outpost is the ocean. During their adventure, Noctis and his friends will arrive there and take a boat across the ocean to a town called Alcordo.

  • Boat travel will be rendered in real-time and have seamless travel, however, you won’t be journeying on the boat. It’s a one-way trip.

  • The position of the steering wheel in the car has been changed from the right side of the car to the left side as a result of discussions with the team.

  • When you get in the car, you can choose between auto and manual mode. When auto is chosen, you can set a destination and the car will start running towards that destination. Ignis takes the wheel in auto, but you’re still in control and can stop the car whenever you like. You can also run out of gas. If that happens, you’ll have to get out and push the car to the nearest gas station.

  • In the auto mode, there is a “Joyride View”, which allows you travel as “one of the guys” and see how characters interact with each other. In “Driver View”, you can see the road through Ignis’ eyes. In “Scenic View”, you can view the drive in a broader cinematic perspective.

  • When you get out of your car and run off somewhere, your car will sit where you last left it until you return to it.

  • Areas that are labeled with a “P” are parking designations that you can have your car drive towards and automatically park.





Not sure how to feel about it…

I’m really just indifferent at the moment. Not sure why.


I liked it.

Sneaking into the base, and using the teleport ability to assassinate guards somewhat reminds me of Metal Gear. The teleporting doesn’t remind me of Metal Gear, just the sneaking into the base and using stealth to kill guards.


Gematsu has received word that Square Enix plans to launch Final Fantasy XV worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Friday, September 30. This information was corroborated by three independent sources who would have knowledge of the matter.

The release date will be officially announced during “Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV,” an event set to take place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on March 30 that will also share a collection of other information about the game.


Tabata did an interview with Famitsu about FF15 on a NicoNico livestream.

Some new details:

  • Cactuars will make an appearance. They’re powerful opponents that will be able to dodge Shift Breaks.
  • Square Enix will have plenty of surprises for their event on March 31st, and to expect a trailer in Japanese as well.

  • The father of Final Fantasy in Hironobu Sakaguchi called out Tabata saying “Let me tell you my impression on the Final Fantasy XV demo.” While Tabata can’t say what they talked about, he mentions with a laugh that Sakaguchi had a whole lot to say.

  • A playable tech demo will be properly shown at the event.

  • As for the play time, at first Square Enix estimated that it would take about 40 hours to clear the main scenario, but this has since then been bumped up to 50 hours. They’re currently not at the final stages of balancing out the game, but making optimal balances. They say that the game has more volume than they thought it would.

  • As for the Airship, it has been decided from long ago on how they would introduce it into the game. It’s something that would have you say “this is the kind of Airship that should be in Final Fantasy XV.”

  • Maintaining a frame rate of 30fps is their objective. This has not been completely optimized as of yet, as there are times where it breaks 30. They will continue making adjustments until the last minute before the game goes gold. If they’re unable to fixate on the 30fps, they will do something different.

  • As for the game’s resolution, it’ll be revealed at the release event on March 31st.

  • As for a PS4 bundle version, Square Enix is working on making it happen.


I’m surprised no one posted this by now.

Final Fantasy XV will launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30, a GameSpot video (now private, backup here) published ahead of Square Enix’s “Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV” event tonight has leaked.

Gematsu exclusively shared news of the September 30 release earlier this month.

A new demo, which first leaked this morning, will be available today, where you control a younger Noctis as he journeys through a dreamscape. According to Square Enix, the demo is meant to show off the game’s final visuals and combat system. If you finish it, you’ll get an exclusive Carbuncle summon for use in Final Fantasy XV. It’s actually the only way to unlock Carbuncle in the full game.

The official announcement is expected at tonight’s “Uncovered” event, which will be held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles at 7:00 p.m. PT / 10:00 p.m. ET.

Footage of the new demo:

I love the music playing. <3 Shimomura. It’s cool when Square does things like this. Engaging with the fans, and being open to feedback is how you make better games. They should have done that for FF13 and FF14 1.0.


what the hell @Leo didn’t even bother posting the rest of the vids





The CE doesn’t come with the iconic Noctis jacket?