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Hellblade - PS4


Beautiful images. I really look forward to playing Hellblade on my upgraded PC.


it’s truly an amazing game. even on PS4 the graphics are stunning. haven’t seen a single jagged edge this whole time. everything in the world just fits.


recorded this quick gameplay


oh man, jacked the whole team up with headshots while on laggy hotel wifi


Nice to see someone else who plays siege. Good round, but you were lagging pretty bad there lol.

I play on PC.


my buddies got me into it, i’ve only been playing about a month but it’s pretty fun. i was lagging but i kept checking my ping before the clip started and it was never over 80! was maddening though.


I want to play Siege but am also scurred.


You should play. It has a steep learning curve but is a damn rewarding shooter. Tons of depth. I’ve played over 300 hours and still learn new things every time I play.


Definitely has a steep learning curve but i feel like it’s more about your knowledge of the maps than having to be good at shooting someone. I could never play on PC i feel like, way too many tryhards with $200 mice I’m sure. At least on console there’s a pretty level playing field.


Having a nice mouse means nothing really. You are correct that map knowledge is probably the #1 thing to doing well. You can get by with good shooting skills, but map knowledge will always put you on top.

I like to think of the density of siege’s maps and gameplay, like if a Battlefield 64 map was compressed into the size of a small building/house.


Yeah that’s one thing that got on my nerves at first was how small and tight the maps are, but once you get used to it it kind of boils the game down to a really skill based playstyle as opposed to cod or bf where it’s just whoever got the drop on you first wins the shootout.


Also to add with the destruction engine, the variability round to round is quite high.


True that! I got another gameplay uploading, a few rounds this time. Pretty fun match with a few dudes.
Also still making my way through Hellblade. Damn is this game crazy.


watch the C4 kill i get on the kill cam :smiley:


A friend of mine makes these videos:


that first ace was good (sans the horrible music!) but mine was better, not as skillful when you’re running up on people who don’t know you’re there :stuck_out_tongue: tho the tachanka kill was awesome haha

i was thinking about making a montage, it’d be pretty fun. i’ve had a lot of pretty cool single/double kills that’d make a nice 5 min video.




this game can be so frustratingly fun!
and my buddy makes a good commentator haha


Stop trying to tempt me.