Ghost of Tsushima


It looks great. I’m waiting to see more.


Great trailer. I enjoyed the inFamous games but I’m glad to see that they’re moving on to a new IP.


But the last one was so good! I even played through all of first light. One more, please?




Open world samurai game, that is half Far East RDR and half Tenchu stealth assassination is my fever dream game.



I really have nothing to say about this other than YES.



Bushido Blade like combat is perfect for Ghost of Tsushima. This is probably my most anticipated PS4 title.


Yeah I loved what I saw of the gameplay.

Two Tenchu-esque games announced in one year lads.


Look at this shiznt.


you know its a first party sony game because they go od with environment fx


We need a REMake 2 thread.


It looks great visually, but I’m not sure if the gameplay will be good.

Honestly I feel that From’s samurai game will be a better one and stole the thunder a bit from this one.


I like how the combat is quick and deadly.


We’ve got one.



Yeah I didn’t expect them to go super lethal bushido blade style but I like it. I guess that makes sense if they’re really going for fuedal japan gta