Google unveils streaming game platform, "Stadia"


At GDC 2019 this morning, Google detailed its long-awaited streaming game platform, dubbed Stadia.

The pitch for Stadia is that players will be able to access any game, including high-end triple-A games, on any device that has Chrome. Games would not be stored on local hardware, but rather are streamed from powerful, optimized datacenters.

“No console required,” said Google’s Phil Harrison, the industry vet who was instrumental in PlayStation’s success and who’s now at Google. He said that players will be able to get into a game in as little as five seconds “with no download, no patch, no update and no install.”


I’m stumped for an opinion on all this. Let’s see it realistically, when home internet dips or you’re on some hotel’s wifi etc.


Will reserve judgement until I can try it and also see how it plays across the globe, but my main concern is how the hell they decided on that goofy-ass name…

Controller looks nice. Simple and boring, but nice.


We figured out controllers, no need to fix what ain’t broke.

I’m afraid of google. I’m afraid of the gaming marketplace under their thumb. I don’t know if we’ll get the same kinds of games we’ve been getting if games become streaming. This is a scary box to open.


This is a flop in NA unless the telecoms decide modern infrastructure is a good thing.


A flop for us is almost certainly decided, but I’m worried the masses could screw us over, and megacorps aren’t getting any less powerful.


The only way for it to compete in Europe is if it has all the popular games and is significantly cheaper than the traditional consoles.