I want a good tablet('s are dead, get a laptop) laptop thread.


Help me reach a decision. I’m very close to buying a Nexus 7. You can buy one for $180 on Amazon right now. I’ve heard it’s an excellent tablet, and still holds up. My main usage out of it will be for reading manga, books, playing some games, and browsing the internet.

The other question is, if I do decide to go with the N7, should I get a 16 GB or 32 GB model? Do digital manga and books take up a lot of space?


Why do you want a smaller tablet? I have a couple of friends who both got tired of the small screen size after a few weeks. 10" is a more suitable size for reading.

I’m very satisfied with my iPad Air.


I’ve heard that a range of 7" - 8.5" is ideal for reading manga on a tablet, plus, N7 is cheap right now. I’d get the N9, but it’s $400.


nexus 7 a shit


  • good
  • tablet

pick one


I found out that the Kindle store has DRM on their digital books, which throws a wrench in my plan. I’ll still get a Nexus 7… most likely, but truth be told, I’m going to focus on reading unlicensed manga, and I’ll download scanlations of them. Manga has a ridiculous distribution system, since tablets only hold so much data, and there are no micro SD slots in most tablets. Further, the average manga volume is approximately 150 MB. You figure a full manga series would equal 3-4 GB. It would fill up fast. So all you can do is redownload content from their stores. I’ll probably still buy novels from the Kindle store. Novel sizes are under 1 MB.


don’t do it. take it from me, a nexus 7 owner, it’s shit. cough up the cash for an ipad if you must get a tablet at all.

personally i like kindles for the battery life and i bet if one went to the trouble of making .mobi files from manga scans, it’d work out pretty well. but that’s a bit of a faff I suppose

i mean i haven’t tried a microsoft surface but… well, microsoft doesn’t exactly have a reputation for rendering graphics as beautifully as apple does with its operating systems.

you might consider something from kobo like the kobo aura which features a WXGA+ screen, good for manga I would imagine


found these images (N7 vs hard copy):


Well I dunno, that looks good to me. What is bad about that?


The size. Image quality is fine and it’s well back-lit, but it’s clearly much smaller than a manga page.


Ah. 8-9" screens would be the sweet spot. iPad Minis are about that. I wish Apple would drop the price of the Mini 2 by a lot. Mini 3 is already out.


Alright, I think I found the one I’m buying.


Pull the trigger, WYL?



Get this one.



Aww, crap. I see where you need the 8-9 inch range.

Disregard me. :slight_smile:


I heard good things about the Asus tablet, but yeah, I need it to be between 8-9" for reading manga, specifically. The nice thing about that LG tablet is the SD card expansion, and the resolution is no slouch either. My other choice was the Samsung tablet, but the resolution is less on that, so I passed.


I no longer want a tablet. I am planning on buying a laptop soon, though.


I use my tablet almost exclusively for gaming.


I want a laptop for doing schoolwork, the portability, and some gaming on it. It would be nice to play Final Fantasy 11 on the go.

I wanted a tablet to read manga on it, but space is a big issue. To actually have a lot of manga on the tablet, you’d need to pay a lot to have a lot of memory. I’m not willing to pay a whole lot just to read manga.


For schoolwork you definitely want a laptop. Maybe a Microsoft Surface 3 with a Pro Type Cover would be an alright, but pricey, alternative. You need a proper keyboard and access to standard applications like an office suite.


Laptop. Laptop. Laptop. Get a laptop.

Tablets are dead.