iOS/Android Comprehensive Thread


I’m still relegated to using my M8. I still like it, I just wish the camera wasn’t horrid.


You like the N6? I haven’t held one yet, almost ordered it over the moto, but was afraid it would be a little larger than I like.


@chapel My micro usb port broke and I can’t charge my phone. Any good wireless qi chargers?


My Pixel doesn’t have it so I haven’t used it at all recently.

I found one at Ikea before that was cheap and good at its job.


That’s where I went first thing in the morning. It’s subtle and unobtrusive.


So, I swapped back to an iPhone in February, and it’s funny messing with Nexus 6P now with how much I’m trying to Force Touch it. I didn’t think something like that would become so second nature.

(I’m prepping the 6P to sell it. Something my wife was dreading since she was worried I might fall back into the Android hole again and lose iMessages. I’m not this time. iOS is too good at what it does.)


I detest iMessage, not because it is bad, but because of the lock in. It isn’t the best but due to the way it works people don’t want to move away from it because of friends and family that are on it.

Well and trying to move away from it to a non-iPhone can be hard due to the way iMessage systems are coded and your phone number getting locked in some limbo.


What do you think the price of the next iPhone will be? Less than/over $1000? If it’s in the $800-900 range, I might be inclined in buying it, depending on if I’m that impressed with it when it’s shown off this September.


Pixel 2 still cheaper than the iPhone 8.