iOS/Android Comprehensive Thread


For me, it’s the issue with Google as before. Excited for the OS, pissed that none of these devices have SD card capability.


Eh, I’ve long not cared about SD card capabilities.

On the note of Lollipop, I installed the developer preview release on my Nexus 5 and I have to say I really enjoy it. It feels nice and looks fantastic. So many little details that just make sense.

Some notable features I’ve enjoyed so far:

  • I had to wipe my phone to install the developer preview, normally this would be a bit annoying since I would have to get all of my apps agains. Well, most of the time, Android automatically downloads your apps again, but it sometimes messes up. The experience with Lollipop was nice. It actually saved the home screen placement and “folders” I had, and showed them as greyed out until they were downloaded. It also let me pick the device I wanted to sync from and select which apps I wanted it to re-download.
  • The new lock screen is nice and simple. The notifications shown are perfect to use. I enjoy that if I’m playing something (like Crunchyroll on my Chromecast) the lock screens background is the preview art for that episode.
  • I don’t know how much I will use this in general, but there is a new pin screen feature, which allows you to pin an app so that it is the only thing usable on the phone until you un-pin it. In fact you don’t even get a lock screen and can’t go to the home menu. It really came in handy when shopping, since I could pin the grocery list app I use, and every time my phone was on, the app was available and never lost its context.
  • I am hopeful for the smart lock feature (which unlocks your phone based on if you are near/connected to bluetooth devices or nfc tags, as well as the face unlock stuff). It hasn’t worked as smoothly as I would like, but some of that could be another app I am using that turns my phone off when I put it in my pocket automatically. It also could be that I am using a pre-release version of the software as well. I really hope they add wifi networks as part of that, since if I am at home, and on my wifi, I generally don’t want to have my phone lock.
  • Chrome tabs/websites you view are now first class “recents”. Meaning that just like when going between apps, the tabs you open are available in recents. In fact, Chrome no longer has a tabs button, you have to use the recents menu to access older tabs. This is a bit cumbersome since you have to wade through other apps to get to older tabs, but the idea is sound and I think it will improve as time goes by.

Overall I really am enjoying Android Lollipop, and can’t wait for the full release. Now if only Google would release an updated Nexux 5" model.


@Chimera and I both upgraded to Nexus 6 phones this weekend.

So far I enjoy it, but it is a big phone. I have small hands so I am still adjusting to the size.

@Chimera is really enjoying her phone, and the size is just right it seems for her.

Lollipop is as good as ever, no real issues.


I gots dem big hands. LOL


ruined calendar app. keyboard also adversely affected by changes for the sake of changes. not pleased.


Is my S5 getting this anytime soon?


My phone is so fucked up right now. Need to upgrade to Nexus 5 or 6 asap.


What do you have?

I’m enjoying my Nexus 6 but am sad that it’s just a tad bigger than I can use one handed with the controls.


Nexus 4.

I ordered the Nexus 6 (32GB, Midnight Blue) two days ago.


It’s in. I’m very happy with it. The phone is easy to hold given the size and I have small hands.


Yeah I’d say I don’t have issues holding it with the thin case I got. I think it’s a bit slippery naked.


Just noticed that the notification bar turns red when I’m on WYL…

and album art takes up lock screen when I’m listening to music.


Is that good or bad for you?


I like that the album art takes up the lock screen. I could do without the notification bar changing colors though. Maybe I’ll get used to it.


It’s per app and determined by the app. I added a tag that changes the color.

I also added something that when you add WYL to your home screen it acts like an app and doesn’t load the browser chrome, e.g. the URL bar.


Nicely done chap.

Still my favourite feature of 5.0 is ambient display. Makes my life so much easier :blush:

It doesn’t even waste battery power as far as I can tell.


I took my Nexus 4 apart and tried to mend it. I have no idea what I’m doing but here are it’s innards.


So far loli is pretty boss on the '14 moto x


Still enjoying my Nexus 6.