Microsoft has stopped manufacturing Kinect



It performed way better than I imagined. Maybe they will make a more accurate version in a decade.


I remember it being an improvement in motion control over Wii motion control, but like VR headset manufacturers are realizing now, you can’t make a success out of a gaming platform that doesn’t have exclusive games that are great in quality and are not glorified tech demos.


I never really got into Kinect but I remember the short hype it had during the 360 days. It’s unfortunate how Microsoft handled it from then on. It could have been destined for greatness.


Sad that they are killing it, while it didn’t work as well as it should have for its intended purpose it was great technology.

Motion in general turned out to be a major gimmick and I am glad it isn’t surviving in many games.


I never used a kinect, and I think that holds true for most gamers above 15 years old. Was just some gimmicky bullshit no one wanted.


It was a pretty cool gimmick for dancing and other genres with large movements. Most traditional games play better with a gamepad.


If you want me to dance, you better give me a DDR pad, son


end of an era