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I was gonna write more stuff about what I’ve been doing but I remembered it’s almost 1am. Instead, here’s a gif:

I’ll have actual @RpgN approved gifs another time.


Is the game is still popular or have you noticed a drop in players?


I play on a high pop server so I don’t know if I can answer that accurately. I personally see hundreds of people when I play.


I miss the old forum


Hundreds of people should be enough to find a decent group.


The game is very populated. There are lots of people everywhere. With the first expansion coming up this Summer, I’d imagine there is an increase in users. Coerthas Central Highlands is always packed with players because everyone is power leveling doing FATE grinding in preparation for Heavensward.

Nick, I could have just copy pasted the OP I made onto yours.


You could have but who cares.

Best variation on the battle theme.

How is Coerthas good for power leveling? Just grinding out the last few levels? It’s a pretty high-level place.


i like that gif


Yeah, I didn’t notice this game having breast physics until literally a week ago. I was watching a character go from a standing position to a sitting position and some unholy monster took over her chest. It reminded me of Dead or Alive.


Not a few, you can start leveling there from the late 30’s. Some FATE’s that pop are in the level 30 range.


I was gonna write about my time back in FFXIV tonight but again I’m faced with the same problem. TBF I spent it actually playing the game, I needed to complete my challenge log before it resets tomorrow. I’d be giving up a lot of XP if I’d ignored it.

So instead here’s another gif demonstrating breast physics. That’s a theme I guess.


Also I confused Coerthas for Mor Dhona. THIS is the actual best battle theme variation. Just that occasional piano twang is enough to remind you the real Final Fantasy XIV begins here.


Yay, I got around to this!

I didn’t forget to get the money shot. Unfortunately I didn’t do anything cool, other than main story quest. If the timing were better, maybe I could’ve maxed out by beating Garuda.

Speaking of, that happened! I wrangled together a few guildmates and we ran it. They were kind enough to only explain what I needed/probably should know and let me learn where I stand on my own. The one thing they did tell me was what to do during her OHKO move, which funnily enough I survived but my friend didn’t because I guess she only reappears in one spot on the harder version.

The music in this fight is fantastic, I’m finding the primal themes to be the best in the game.

Defeating her caused me to acquire another crystal of light. I got the amber crystal from Titan and the red one from Ifrit. The rest of the crystals I believe I got from all the creatures I killed that were empowered by Lahabrea, my personal nemesis and member of the Ascians (they summoned Bahamut and nearly ended all life) who are arguably the main antagonists.

I also got to level 30 as an Arcanist and acquired the Summoner and Scholar jobs. I was gonna talk about the ACN quest line but I guess those screens are still on my PS4 so I’ll just talk about it the next time I move that data off. I take all these screenshots and make gifs using the share function.


MMO UIs are great. Just great.


Are you just commenting on the ui or that my screenshots had ui in 'em? I was fighting in the 2nd one ;(


No just MMO UIs in general. I find them ghastly. There must be a better way.


For console? I don’t know. All that stuff is important.


Yeah, it is. It might look better if I move it to the corners but it doesn’t really bother me.


Nick and I were having a conversation about that the other night on Steam. I continuously struggle to come to a satisfied UI setup for FFXIV on both the PC and PS4 versions, and more the latter because the cross bar buttons take up more empty space in the middle of the screen. It’s worse that the names of every mapped button appear when you press a trigger button on your controller, and they’ll appear frequently because of how often you’re using them. Nick mentioned that you might be able to make the buttons themselves smaller, which would help greatly. I’m going to try moving all the buttons in the corner, then shrinking them, and see if that works out. I hate having all that text and stat bars smack in the middle of the action. It can be jarring when you’re in the midst of an intense battle.


@John and @MidnightTrain too?