Nintendo Switch



Apparently it is only a 3 minute video. I was expecting something more substantial.



oh shit


It has to be really shitty for me not to buy one.


I really do hope it (the hardware) is good. I’d love to be back in with Nintendo again.


Is it bad that I can’t wait for this to come out so I can buy a cheap Wii U?

I want one to play with the kiddos. It has a lot of excellent games in their age range.


The Wii U is indeed great for kids.



I like the look of it, especially the relatively large size of the screen. Turning it into a handheld device is actually perfect for my current life situation.

I’m a bit worried about it’s performance though. Hopefully it is a fair amount more powerful than the Wii U.


With a March 2017 release date, I’m not expecting that many launch games. Hopefully it will have something that I want to play. Maybe I’ll get Splatoon.


No touchscreen?



I guess not. Without a resistive touchscreen, it should have better image quality.


Partner companies.


I forgot to mention, I really like the name. It’s new, simple, and it clearly describes the product.


So does that mean Atlus is making a new game, bringing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE over, or bringing Persona 5 over?


It could just mean that they have asked to get access to devkits.



That’s the kind of innovation I like to see. I can see myself getting one of them eventually

Probably still gonna just get the new zelda on my Wii U


Sweet release.