Not-yet-released games hype thread


new call of duty tv ad


Is anyone getting this? I can’t decide if it looks awful or if it could be fun.


Awful aesthetically? It at least looks alright to play.


Both aesthetically, and the setting. Fan service was a mistake, it’s nothing but trash.

On the plus side, it has Grandia 2 like combat, a sphere grid, and you can stack characters on top of each other.


It looks interesting to say the least. While I enjoy FF of the past the fan service isn’t that interesting. What is more interesting is the Pokemon like mechanics which tbh work well with the FF world since there are plenty of creatures.

The stacking looks funny, but is an interesting mechanic. Too bad it is PS exclusive.



TBH that looks decent, good even. It feels different enough from what COD has been for so long that it might be worth checking out.

It feels like Halo pre-Covenant and the rings, where UNSC was fighting the colonies and fringe forces. Remains to be seen how well the game or story plays but I will probably pick it up since they are taking a chance with something new.







all the new titanfall 2 footage looks good to me
an attrition is back not that I doubted

I bought the game on for 38$ which is cheap enough for me



Bit.Trip Runner3 announced


No gameplay footage? I really like all of the Bit.Trip games but I don’t know if I ever want to play one again.


I feel the same way, besides, Bit.Trip was rage inducing for me.