Not-yet-released games hype thread


I’m actually interested in Ghostwire because I’ll play anything Shinji Mikami is involved in.


I like how every high profile streamer did not recognize Demon’s Souls during that reveal traiiler. The disrespect. You fucking game for a living mate. Now hand in your multipass and retire you digital gonads.


Must’ve been difficult to recognise, given it copies the original trailer almost shot for shot.


Most streamers were probably watching spongebob still when DS dropped man. All they know is poggers, gamerfuel and lie.


Probably not far from the truth.




Titanfall 2 at 14k players lads



looks great very excited


I can’t imagine that this will run well on my gaming PC. Maybe I’ll have to get it for the PS5.


That game probably warrants an upgrade.


I’ve reached the point where I need to replace everything. I’ll postpone that upgrade until my kids are older and I’ve more time for myself.