On Trolling and Harassment || Welcome to the Internet!


One of the original tenets for the creation of this community after the split from NeoGAF was the avoidance of over moderation of its users. As long as users are posting semi-decent content, remain civil, and not actively harming the site integrity or users, pretty much all is fair game. This is a goal that we wish to maintain as the site continues forward and we want to extend this policy to new users that join the site.

No one likes an asshat. However, trolling requires an audience and a reaction from that audience. It’s a simple problem to fix… quit feeding them. Do not engage, do not respond. This will get the attention focused on both the troll and you. Instead, flag the post. Yes. Click that tiny flag beneath the post and it will notify the moderators that the troll is trolling. You don’t even have to send a message. Then a moderator can respond and decide if further action is necessary.

We want to take care of misuse of the site on a case by case basis with forethought and inclusion of the site’s users before initiating action. We do not want to take swift action on someone who is having a bad day or is just trying to test the waters before actually realizing what this site is about. This site exists for fun above all. We will need your help to keep it that way.

Post away. :slight_smile:


All this said, @Tyrone. Chill it the hell out or you’re going to spend some time on the bench. :slight_smile:

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What if I feel trolled by the low quality of posts and/or topics created?

I need to feel entertained.


Quality of posts or topics as related to your entertainment isn’t a factor of trolling that is being considered at this time.

Learn to skim. :slight_smile:


Speaking of trolling what setting must I use so that I don’t get emails but do get the usual notifications.


Under preferences in your profile.