People who record abandoned buildings/mines on YouTube


There are a ton of these videos on YT, but the reason why I’m making this thread is to highlight two specific videos where there were frightening, unexpected occurrences.

Dan Bell has explored a lot if abandoned buildings. While he was exploring that abandoned hotel in Baltimore, he unknowingly was inside a crack house. It begins at the 12:04 mark.

First, he finds a green bag containing a large amount of crack, then he hears someone opening a door from downstairs, and he has a very bad feeling, so he hides in a nearby bathroom. You could hear what seems to be a drug dealer having an argument with someone, most likely on his phone, and he was probably picking up his crack stash to sell to an addict. He sounded terrified. Had he been discovered, he would have been killed. I’m surprised he went out of the room after 30 seconds or so. I would have waited for 5 minutes before booking.

This guy was filming an abandoned mine, and at the 7:42 mark, he heard human noises and machinery sounds. He has made a lot of videos of recordings of explorations as well, but apparently that’s the first time the occult came up.


Regarding the first video:
I’m going to sound like a complete noob, but why would he have been killed straight away? Just because he found a large amount of crack?

The second video did sound creepy. It lasted a couple of seconds but you could hear it clearly. I wonder if it could have been fake or could have been something else.


That amount of crack could be worth hundreds, if not thousands. If that drug dealer caught him, he would have immediately assumed he was the police, especially with that camera on him, and hiding in a room.