I bought a X100 a short time ago, it’s purdy nice. Nice little flash and very nice colors. Unfortunately the only thing in the planet that can resolve its RAWs is the camera itself though, so i’m sticking with jpegs because they’re actually very very nice! Jesus does Fuji know their colors. Anyway. [This is my Flickr][1], just for photo hosting. Maybe i should be publicizing my work more, all i do nowadays is hope that the HCSP dudes accept my photos one day. Anyhoo. Here are some recent photos.

(wow i don’t know how to hotlink a photo from flickr, i’ll fix this)

35mm is HARD ;_;

Post yours and stuff! Lust for cameras! Support Fuji!


You do it like this…

Nice shots. :slight_smile:

I need to get a good point and shoot. I’ve been eying (read: drooling over) the Sony RX line of cameras, but man, they’re pricey.


I would rarely take a photo using my smartphone camera of an animal outside my house. There’s a black squirrel that hangs out around our backyard, and I sometimes take pictures of it. Quite recently, it was sitting perfectly on one of the posts of our fence, as if it were modeling, and I took a couple photos of it then.


i have just the lens for your squirrel photography


Took this today while laying low from the police.


From my trip to Yosemite.


That’s awesome, how’d you like it? You climb up Half Dome?


Really enjoyed it. Didn’t climb Half Dome, but it would be great one day.


Was going through some shots of mine, I think these are my all-time favs.
(all iphone)


really like this one

ayo fuck this image linking!


Yeah I can’t even tell which one you’re referring to. What number?


I fixed the image link for you



Is that your kitty?



That’s a beautiful photo!


Thanks, that’s where I was working today. Kita loved it!


Your debut album cover. “Kush Fields”


This counts, eh? Still getting used to have a new floor, but it’s nice to actually have one again. It took a couple weeks to actually have the work done.


is that genuine mahogany?