Pitchfork's best 50 albums of 2014


I missed that Owen Pallett had released new material. I’m going to go through the complete list to learn what’s popular these days.


#50 is off to a slow start filled with random white noise.


God arch I will fucking love you forever if you give contemporaneous one line reviews of all 50 albums. Do it.


Thanks for reminding me to check this album.

Really glad people love War on Drugs as much as I do. Their new album was completely solid.


#49 was boring in the beginning, but I warmed up to it. I’ll add it to my rotation.


Ariana Grande’s album is on that list? Why?

I fully expected Taylor Swift’s album to be #1. Shocked the Run the Jewels album was it. I’m happy with that choice, but I wouldn’t call it the best album of 2014.

I have no damned idea who any of the other artists are.


Did you listen to A.G.'s album or are you casually dismissing it?


glad to see miss sharon on the list


Van Etton? Don’t care for her music, myself.


Yes, on Spotify. It was forgettable. A by-the-books pop album. Soulless. The single with Izzy was OK, that is, until Izzy’s lame ass started rapping.


I didn’t think those words were allowed to be put together like that


I looked at the list and haven’t listened to any of those.

Notice Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are on it for what that’s worth (fuck all).


I should add that Pitchfork reads exactly like a parody of music magazines I read 11 years ago.

Except this isn’t a parody. They think they don’t sound like thermonuclear cunts.




[Rolling Stone - 50 Best Albums of 2014][1]

Much less pretentious, though their number one is a horrid choice.
[1]: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/50-best-albums-of-2014-20141201


Vintage ooh-las, art-brut rhythm guitar and head-crack drum beats fit together like idealized Ikea furniture on the latest jewel from Britt Daniel’s crew; it’s all clean lines and formal balance. And co-producer Dave Fridmann’s discreet splashes of color and texture add new flavor to the minimalist feng shui.



A tremulous interior free-fall in to a post-sonic soundscape that elides a craftman’s wink to a modernist era, redolent of the sort of sidesteps that made Grapevine one of the better artists on their time. Sometimes you need to question where an artist is taking you, but here begging the question is mandatory.

Sounds incredible


yeah wow. Who reads their reviews anyway?

All about those lists


I made that up.


I believed it, tho