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I skipped Splatoon, Smash and the new Pokémon and I might get them for the Switch instead.


I perfectly understand that this works out for many people who skipped on the games or Wii U entirely. I can’t help but feeling disappointed at how Wii U owners are being treated though. Nintendo could have handled the transition better by focusing more on new games and add ports gradually.


The alternative would be to have even fewer games during the first six months. Porting games is comparably cheap and quick, and it gives developers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new hardware.


I just killed my first elusive taget in Hitman. Please bear with me, I put work into this so I’m gonna go into detail.

I started undercover in the kitchen as the waiter. My target is starting to leave right as I spawn in.

My first task is to get the chef that wanders the furthest away from the kitchen. In my intial runs, I used a fire estingusher when I started as a chef. I later refined this by grabbing a wrench in this area and tossing it on the ground around the corner. Like the rest of these, I hide and pop out at the last second and wrench them from behind. For the moment I don’t bother to hide him.

This box contains the guard from the kitchen. I have some time until the other chef leaves the kitchen, so I lure the guard away with my wrench into the nearby wine cellar.

Returning to the kitchen, I hide right next to the box I lured the first chef away from and throw the wrench again. This time I hide the body and then I go up and clock the other chef who doesn’t move at all.

My target is returning soon, but I have enough time to drag the last chef’s body to the box near the door that leads outside, next to the NPCs who talk about the mixed drink recipe.

My target has been chillin’ for a hot minute in the kitchen, talking to imaginary chefs. My original plan was to bump into each of the three people following him and knock them out once the first of their group was out of sight. Eventually I realized it’s really only necessary to do this to his personal guard. Once the target and his posse are out of sight and the door is closed, I release the bodyguard from his torment and toss the wrench at his head when he’s not looking. I have a ton of time at this point so I decided to drag him to the furthest box that’s near the canteen. I have so much time in fact that I decided to take all these screenshots.

Okay so here is where I ALMOST fucked up. So I overestimated how much time I would have to take all those screenshots, and by the time I realized it, my target had just finished walking into the kitchen. So what I had learned while I was refining my plan was that the two ladies in his posse actually lag several seconds behind the target and his guard. Everything I had done prior was to allow me to knock him out and drag him away until I could kill him discreetly. I realized of course I could cut out the middle man and just garrote him and skip the drag prompt entirely, dumping his body in the closest box. That was the plan at least, but because I’d taken so long making screenshots, I had to make a last second alteration. I garroted him and dragged him behind the kitchen stoves opposite the door his posse walks through. I let go, stand up straight, and wave as the ladies come in and walk away without a care in the world. As soon as they leave, I hide the body for good measure just in case.

The Chef elusive target is dead. Thanksgiving is cancelled.


Hitman is fun, but it would be better if i could connect to their servers.


Hmm… this is strange. I can’t connect to the servers while downloading an episode, but otherwise it’s perfectly ok. I wonder if this is just the way it is.


I haven’t had any issues playing it on PC.


I have Final Fantasy XV! Installed the crown update, and I’m set to go, but first, I’m going to watch Kingsglaive and the Brotherhood anime.


In what order should I watch those? Is the anime available for free?


I’ve been wondering about that too. I’d been planning to ignore them and play the game though.

Brotherhood is free in the US.


There is a subbed version on YouTube,


It’s also available on PSN. That’s convenient.


Kingsglaive takes place at the same time as the beginning of FFXV. It centers around King Regis’ elite squad of royal guards who were given magical powers from the king. They are known as Kingsglaive, or glaives. Presumably, Brotherhood takes place shortly after the introduction of FFXV, and it’s really just fleshing out character backgrounds for Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto. You could watch Kingsglaive and Brotherhood in either order because both are occurring during the same time period. I used torrents to download Brotherhood. HorribleSubs released them. I’m still trying to finish watching Kingsglaive because I’ve fallen asleep twice now while watching it. The first time, I got up to around the 22 minute mark, and the second time, around the 35 minute mark. :smile:


Horriblesubs just steals the subs from Crunchyroll. They aren’t “releasing” anything.


Don’t they change the font of the subtitles? Not a complete rip. If your definition of a release is not doing their own translating, then you’re right, but I wasn’t going by that metric. I know that they aren’t a fansubbing group. For the sake of not splitting hairs, alright, they post Crunchyroll rips.


Key here is that it is free on Crunchyroll and Youtube, so you pirating it is in spite of free sources elsewhere.


True. I’m just accustomed to getting anime from them.


Some Game Awards trailers:



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