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That list isn’t biased at all. Not a single JRPG to be found. lol

When a person called him out on it in the comments, he responded “when those games come out on PC, I’ll add them to the list.”

They should have had someone else with more balanced RPG tastes do that article instead.





Doesn’t RPS primarily focus on PC, though?

If his statement is accurate, he has a point.


Fight me, Leo. Fight me! :smile:


Seriously, I’ll not buy GT Sport full price with the current audio. How hard can it be? It’s such an immersion breaker, you see it and it looks so real but the sound is so off, that it immediately takes you out of it. Also: Why are the diesel prototypes spitting flames? PD please


Visuals are just exceptional. Sounds not so much. But I expect they’re still changing a lot.


His article doesn’t reflect that. The title is “RPGs of 2017,” not “PC RPGs of 2017.” If it were the latter, then I’d take no issue with it. I mean, I know very little about the site, and had you not said that their focus is on PC games, I wouldn’t have ever known that. Granted, it’s his opinion on RPGs he’s anticipating for next year, but it wouldn’t hurt to show representation of RPGs from both sides of the world.



Hope the final product sounds heaps better compared to those videos. I wouldn’t bank on it.


Super Mario Run is up on the iOS App Store.


Yeah, exlusively on the ios store, and 10 fucking dollars

also needs to be always online?

You keep doing you, Nintendo.


Super Mario Run may use upto 75MB of data per hourAccording to AppleInsider, Super Mario Run iOS would need 75MB of data per hour of “constant, involved” play after the initial download. And a lot less in most cases.We won’t be surprised if this is an extremely generous estimate of the amount of data Super Mario run would consume. Reason being, the likes of Overwatch and Final Fantasy XIV on consoles and PC take up a tenth of the bandwidth at best. Nonetheless, we’ll know for sure when it hits iOS soon.

Super Mario Run away with your data.


I played through the free content this morning. It’s good but I won’t pay $10 for it. Hopefully it will be on sale in the future.




Nintendo games and sales…I wish you the best of luck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I got Super Mario 3D World for Christmas and it’s really good. I’d rather play that than the iOS game.


@LabouredSubterfuge How many rupees will this cost?


Well above $600 4k HDR G-Sync jokes. Gonna cost as much as a decent tower for sure.


Prolly more than a thousand bucks.