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Thanks for the offer toku but I’ve not got room for an MP game atm.


Ditto. Thanks for the offer.


Also I just bought System Shock 3 Prey.


Does it worth?


Use your words.


I request a cost-benefit analysis on your purchase of the product known as Prey.


No idea yet m8 I’ve only played an hour.

But it’s been a good opening hour I can say that much. Shows a lot of promise.


Played Prey all fucking day yesterday, me and the missus. Shit is FANTASTIC.

It’s like System Shock 2, but better in every way.

Gonna be playing it all night.


Just took off work Wednesday because I need a break after the hell that was last week, but really it’s because I can’t stop thinking about Prey.

I can tell this one is going to have a TON of replay value throughout the years.


5-6 hours in and my opinions haven’t dampened any.


so close to finishing the 1st stage of DU3 flawlessly :sob:


yay or nay?

Stream Deck | elgato.com


It’s neat that they’re LCD, but there are some much less expensive options if you just want an array of buttons for dedicated actions ($149.95!).



Is Nintendo doing a stage show this year? It’s the only good fit for my time zone.


I bought two 3DS games this week (Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia). Unless there are any surprises at E3 those will likely be the last games I buy for the system.

I wonder how long I can hold off buying a Switch.


Good on Microsoft for going later in the day. Always thought noon was a little awkward.


Actually going to be able to watch all of it this year which will be kinda nice.


I’m hoping The Elder Scrolls VI will be announced at the Bethesda E3 conference. It’s about time.


Need a new Armored Core fam.