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the force is in me






I’m guessing plans have changed since we have EO5 announced for the west, right?


Yeah, I’ll get that and maybe the other two (Strange Journey, Radiant Historia enhanced ports) too. I completely missed the release of SMT4 Apocalypse and its old out within weeks.



Have you played Devil Daggers? @toku


heck yeah dude though I’m bad at it. I think my record is just shy of 90 seconds?



PUBG is a good video game



I bought a Switch with a few games. Hopefully it will be delivered before the weekend.


I was thinking of buying a Switch to play Zelda. Really want to play Zelda.




I’ll do it if I get enough tips this summer, won’t feel bad if I don’t use salary money tbh


The Switch appears to be more available here too. How are you enjoying your Switch Arch?


NSFW Language

this is a great game



So far I’ve mostly been using it in console mode. It’s clearly not as powerful as a regular home console, but unlike the Wii U, it has a slick and responsive OS devoid of bloat.

The new “joycons” are surprisingly nice to hold and filled with cool hardware. HD rumble is a fantastic new feature. I also got a Pro controller for games like Zelda.

At the moment there aren’t that many interesting games available. I’ll pick up Mario Xcom and maybe Splatoon 2 later this summer. The eshop games are quite pricey and I’d rather play multi platform titles on more powerful hardware.

Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase despite the high price.



only kill