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Bought a 4K TV w/HDR.


Agreed. Even Sony found a way to let you keep re-DLing PSP games on the PSP itself even with the store offline. I have around 20-30 games on the Wii. I can live with it if it breaks. This is the reason why I avoided Wii U digital content besides buying 2 en getting 2 for free. It’s a different story on the 3DS though…I’m worried with my 75+ games and planning to buy more in the future.


Just got an email from Jason Rohrer about an update to his four year old game Castle Doctrine, which he says has an average of 10 players per day. Talk about commitment.


Jason Rohrer is awesome and I wish that one of his future games reaches the mainstream audience.


I enjoyed the first game. More old school Final Fantasy goodness.


Was that the game where you paid upfront and there were no micro transactions? I hope the sequel retains that.


It was episodic IIRC. I played the first free part.


bought a Switch today, its pretty cool

trying the octopath traveler demo atm, gonna grab super mario odyssey next

heres my new friends code if yall wanna add me: SW-4785-1111-3623


I started playing Mario Odyssey yesterday. The open world and collectathon aspects might not be my thing.

I will try to complete Golf Story before I go back to it.


Yeah, there was none of that. It played like FFIV-VI. The sprite designs could have better, though. They looked bland.


I wonder how he felt about the Final Fantasy VII remake.


Pretty sure he was dead by the first teaser


Dying before 7R is one of my biggest fears




Oh good my favorite series will be strangled and loot boxed to death






My Ducky One came in yesterday. With MX reds and PBT’s. Feels good for gaming.



Are the keys not labelled?


They’re side printed.