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That makes me want to shout at clouds.


Por qué?


It’s different.



Y’all ever see a French keyboard? That shit ain’t querty


Azerty is weird. The Swedish qwerty layout makes more sense. We just add our extra vowels (å, ä, ö) to the side, close to the return button.






I’m honestly laughing so fucking hard.



I’m sort of glad I built a pc when Pascal cards came out with GPU prices being so high now.



Pokémon Go is apparently still a thing. I live in a sparsely populated area and today there were 24 people playing at the local gym outside my window in the middle of the afternoon.

I need to find something new to play. I’ve been reading novels this past week.


They just released a couple dozen new pokemon.




Thanks toku! Instabuy for me then.


Picked up Slay the Spire over the weekend. Suuuuuper good game, still in early access. Can’t wait for this baby to get polished up and fleshed out!!


@MidnightTrain did you want FTL? I got a copy add me on steam: