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I have no other amiibos, but I must have this.




Should I get Ni No Cummy 2 or wait for the price drop?


I’m waiting for a price drop. My PS4 backlog is huge and I’m in no rush to add even more games to it.


Hmm, I’ll wait then.


I’m just waiting on my brother to finish it so I can play his copy :stuck_out_tongue:

He says it’s good. I hope they improved the combat from last time, I found it too boring.


lesson learned, don’t search for “Ni No Cummy 2”…






@chapel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADKSVejP9EM


Yeah I thought that was funny when I saw it.



This looks good. A bit too on the nose resembling BioShock, but I like the art style of the robots. Graphics look beautiful. UE4 is doing wonders for game visuals. Kinda wish there were no monsters in the game. Only robots. I want to call this game AtomicShock from now on.



You sound different from how I remember.


Inti Create/Iga are developing an 8-bit version of Bloodstained. It looks great.


I can finally retire my old case.