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Fantastic news! It’s the only Xbox One exclusive I felt that I was missing out on.


Will buy if it’s on Steam.


Great game. Like I think I said here? It felt like playing a psx/dreamcast game in the best possible sense. Bright colors, pure arcade fun.




I’m done with the Fallout franchise unless they do something radically different from 3, New Vegas, and 4.


This, but Bethesda.


I can’t wait for the next proper Elder Scrolls game. I love everything from the gameplay to the lore.


Ah, you can mod in gameplay now?


I was stoned to think it was going to be Obsidian related.


It’ll be one of those survival GaaS Early Access games that is a dime a dozen on Steam (like Rust) and every bit as janky.


Hard pass.



@Das @LabouredSubterfuge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaqJCbhUgJ8


Thanks for reminding me.


I installed Quake Champions yesterday, but I doubt I have the patience or the required skill to play twitch shooters anymore.


this is the most beautiful mouse I’ve ever seen…I want to be inside it


Interesting design. That thing is going to get dirty and there is no easy way to clean it.

I need side buttons on both sides, so that is an immediate no go for me.

I have a Steel Series Sensei Raw, it is light but not sure how light comparatively, but I enjoy it quite a bit.